Friday, March 19, 2010

We have kittens!

On January 31, 2010, Dille had five kittens, two females and three males. They are almost seven weeks now. Very active, crawling out of their kitten box to explore. Playing with their toys, and kitty wrestling. Dille sits in a chair above the box watching them when she is not in the box with them. Several weeks ago I had to remodel the box. I cut one side off and cut the side off another box and joined them together. They have a kitty box that is about 2.5'x6' now.

Three of the kittens have found wonderful homes. At twelve weeks they will be able to go home with their people. Bjorn and Barbro, or Bjorn and Tutta, as they will be called, are going to a new home together. I am so happy about their home. I am also thrilled with Belju's home. Belju is going have a kitten shower thrown for Belju by her new mom's friends. I just love that idea. Benji and Buster are looking for new homes.

I will post more information about our kitty family later.

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