Monday, March 22, 2010

Norsejenta Bjorn

Norsejenta Bjorn was the fifth and last kitten born in Norsejenta's B-litter. He is a blue mackeral tabby with white. Bjorn was the last born and the middle one in birth weight. But he came from behind and tried always to be first. He gained weight the fastest, he was the first kitten to eat out of Dille's food bowl. Followed behind his sister Tutta to climb out of the kitten box. He is the largest kitten. Bjorn has huge paws. He will be a big boy. He has a nice head and profile and excellent boning.

Bjorn was named by his new mom. He will be living with his sister Tutta and another cat. Bjorn means bear in Scandinavian. He is like a cuddly big teddy bear. It is a perfect name for him.

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