Friday, February 19, 2010


Thor, Norskipoints Thor is my first Norwegian Forest Cat. We call him Thor and Mr. Wonderful. He answers to both. He would answer the door if he had thumbs. He greets anyone who comes the door just like a puppy. He has opened doors before so we will not be getting any lever door knobs.

In September 2005, Cat Fancy magazine featured Norwegian Forest Cats or wegies as some call them. I was reading my mothers copy of Cat Fancy. She loved cats, definitely a bordering on crazy cat lady. She only had two at a time. She was sensible like that. But no one loved their cats like she did. She told me about Norwegian Forest Cats or Norsk Skogkatt's. She was very proud of her Norwegian American heritage. She wasn't able to read the article in that magazine because she was dying, in hospice care. She died in July 2005. That is what inspired me to look for a Norwegian Forest Cat.

Then I began my search. One day several months later I was on Skaujenta's Cattery site in Norway. I saw this beautiful kitten that reminded me of Holly, an Iowa farm cat that was born in my closet when I was about twelve. She lived at my parents home for nineteen years. The cat on Skaujenta's site was Skaujenta Disa. I scrolled down, Disa lived in Minnesota. So did I. I contacted Sarah at Norskipoints Cattery, learned a lot, and was placed on her kitten list. Later in 2006 she called me. Disa and Akseli had kittens. Andrea and I picked Thor. He came thundering into our life. It hasn't been the same since. He is awesome! That is how it all started.

The Beginning

Hello, I am Norsejenta. This is my new blog. I am a lover of Norwegian Forest Cats, dogs, especially Leonbergers, knitting, and tomatoes. So I guess this is a knitting, kitty, puppy, gardening blog with a little bit of my life thrown in. Maybe some wedding planning, I am a mother of the bride this September. Construction, I am a carpenter by trade. Remodeling, yes I am punishing myself and am remodeling my house. That is the aspect of my life that is making the least amount of progress because I have better things to do.