Monday, March 22, 2010

Norsejenta Buster

Norsejenta Buster is a black/silver mackeral tabby Norwegian Forest Cat. Buster has an excellent profile and good boning. He is an active kitty. He isn't quite as headstrong as Bjorn and Tutta, but he is a busy boy. He loves to play with balls. He likes other toys also. Buster started life as kitten #4. He was the largest at birth. He made certain there was room for him to nurse even before his eyes opened. Buster was like a little bulldozer, plowing thru, moving his siblings so he could nurse. He was the last kitten to eat solid food. Buster wanted his mommy instead. He learned to eat solid food and hasn't quit. He just needed a little more time.

Since he acted like a little bulldozer, I named him Buster. It just fit him. He has three ancestors in his pedigree that are named Buster, including Buster a foundation Norwegian Forest Cat.

Buster is available, we are looking for a home for him.

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