Monday, March 22, 2010

Norsejenta Benji

Norsejenta Benji

Norsejenta Benji was the third kitten of this litter. He is either cream and white or red/silver and white. I am not the best at determining cat coat color. I had two other Norwegian Forest Cat breeders look at Benji. One said cream and white, one said red/silver and white. Janet, Dille's breeder has not seen Benji in person yet. I think her opinion will determine what color he is. Benji's grandsire, Dille's sire is a red/silver and white. He was the top red/silver and white NFO in TICA in 2008. Thor, Benji's sire, is a black/silver and white. Benji has the longest coat of this litter of kittens.

Benji is one of the boys. Not quite as aggressive as his brother's are. I think he will be a mellow, laid back kitty boy. He has a nice profile and nice boning.

Benji was named after a red tom cat I had when I was a young girl. I think I named that cat after the movie Benji, about a dog.

Benji is available, we are looking for a home for him.

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