Thursday, March 18, 2010


Vinlands Dille, Dille is my foundation female. I received her from Vinlands Cattery, in Minnetonka from Janet. Today she is two years old. Her name means the latest fashion or craze in Danish.

Dille currently lives at my house. Normally she lives with my daughter Andrea. The male cats live with me and the female cats live with my daughters. This way they have the run of the house. They also live with various neutered and spayed cats and dogs.

She is also the mother of a litter of five kittens. The cutest little things. They were born January 31, 2010. Of course she is married to Thor. They love each other very much. Dille has become a very good mother. Dille had a good mother as model, Gudrun Snow Queen Viking, a beautiful odd eyed white Norwegian Forest Cat. She is called Foxy. She has the sweetest temperment. One of the best I have seen in a cat. Vinlands Dille was championed at the Pet Expo TICA in Minneapolis in February 2009 in TICA. She was championed in CFA at Inver Grove Heights MN in September 2009. Her mother is championed and her father D*Sarek's Umberto was the best red silver in TICA in 2008 and also the Great Lakes TICA regional winner in 2008. Plus he is a CFA champion.

Happy Birthday Dille!

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