Monday, May 10, 2010

Tutta and Critters

Rufus and Tutta
Tutta and the baby chicks
Tutta, Rufus and the toy the cats love.

I haven't posted for a while because I was working twelve hour days. First scaffolding at the paper mill. Then Andrea and I went millwrighting in a taconite processing facility.

Our kittens are exposed to older cats, dogs, and chickens. Rufus is a mastiff St Bernard mix. He is Andrea's rescue dog. Tutta and Rufus are buddies. It has become difficult to get the kittens photographed. If the shutter speed isn't fast enough, I end up with a shot of their back end. Going through the pictures Tutta seems to be the most photogenic.

Andrea got new baby chicks about a week ago. Four Araucanas, four Rhode Island Reds, four Buff Orpingtons, and four Silver Laced Wyandottes. The kittens love to watch them. Andrea's current chickens are two or three years old. Their egg production is decreasing so it is time for some new chicks. Her older chickens started to fly the coop this spring. They like to wander the yard and spend time near Einsteins dog house if they feel threatened. Einstein is Andrea's dog she got when she still lived at home. He is the chicken guard dog. She has a harmonious animal farm.


  1. That top picture is sooo cute. I hear of more and more people raising chickens. I think it's great. How long do chickens live normally?

  2. Your kitties are gorgeous! My Lilly doesn't like other cats, she didn't even liked the Romeo from across the street who wanted to marry her! That's a shame, I think.