Thursday, April 8, 2010

Swanskovkats Midnight Blue

This is Swanskovkats Midnight Blue. He is the newest member of the Norsejenta cattery. He came here from Michigan. His mother and father are from Denmark. His father is the top Norwegian Forest Cat in the Great Lakes Region of TICA for 2009. His father is RW SGC DK* Elkington's Gibson and his mother is GC DK* Minor Lynx Duchess. Blue's maternal grandfather is GIC Gillians Hvirkelig Hviid. In 2009 Hviid was the the best white Norwegian Forest Cat in the Northern Europe region of TICA, and the third best internationally in TICA. He is a triple grand champion in TICA. The GIC is from FiFe, the European registry. Considering the largest concentration of Norwegian Forest Cats is in Northern Europe, of course, this is quite an honor. Here is a link to some pictures of this beautiful cat.

Blue likes to eat, which I am thrilled with. I want him to be a big boy. He loves toys. And he likes to chase Chloe, one of our old household pet cats. Jane, Blue's breeder named him Blue because his litter of four kittens were all black. Jane put a different colored collar on each kitten in order to tell them apart. Just like dog breeders do. Of course Blue had a blue collar. I added the Midnight to his name because Midnight Blue is the darkest shade of blue there is, it is blue/black. Just like Blue, my sweet boy.

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